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Dragoncon's Cheap Hotel Klingon

Making Dragoncon cheaper!

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I'm a con goer, a lover of the strange, Miss Klingon Empire 2008, violin and viola teacher, and a SAHM.

At DC I am usually accompanied by two smallish giggling girls who are occasionally dressed in Harry Potter or Avatar costumes. Sometimes I am accompanied by Thor Frog of thunder. I tend to dress in either Klingon wear, match their Avatar costumes, or just wear something fun or sexy. Admittedly this year I may go plain clothes as I'll be nursing a 3 month old and that's awkward in costume.

The intention of my journal is entirely to help people get DC hotel rooms. I have other journals for more personal stuff. This is done for all of y'all. For those who've been reading my posts from the start you'll know I helped a lot of people get Hilton ($82/night), Hyatt ($112/night), Marriott ($139/night), Wyndham Garden ($93/night), and Days Inn ($55/night) rooms over the past months.

If I helped you get a DC room this year, feel free to look me up and say thanks, hello, or offer me a drink. I'll probably be attending the Star Trek beauty pageant this year, but I'm not yet sure if I'll dress up, since it's no longer the Miss Klingon Empire pageant. If you see a chubby redheaded lady using coupons at the food court Subway though, it's probably me.